Power BI line chart marker color conditional formatting

Even there is no straight forward option to build Power BI line chart marker color conditional formatting, you can do that, by using a bar chart formatting features.

1. Create a bar chart.

2. Go to the Format section, Data colors, and choose Conditional Formatting.

3. Create desired Conditional Formatting rules that will be translated to line chart marker colors. I recommend the first one for the default marker color and others for accents.

4. Change visualization to Line chart.

Obviously, its a workaround and with some limitations. For example, the X-Axis type must be continuous.

When you build a line chart, like in this post, then markers go together only with a categorical X-axis.




2 responses to “Power BI line chart marker color conditional formatting”

  1. Tai Yee

    this really helped me solve the exact problem I was having, thank you for posting it!

  2. Allison Stewart

    Works well until you filter the data and then the default (original) colour comes through.

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