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How to copy a sharp picture from Excel without blurry effect

Imagine – you copy beautiful chart as a picture from Excel to Outlook message and it becomes blurry. The same thing with PowerPoint – sometimes you want some static chart or table image, but picture quality becomes a real problem. As you see in post title image, I have a solution and it’s pretty simple.

1. Select worksheet range, chart or whatever you want to copy.

2. Go to the Home tab and choose Copy as a picture.

3. Under Format option select Bitmap.

4. Paste it where it’s needed and enjoy sharp chart.


Here is another little known Excel feature that helps to copy and paste chart formatting.

3 comments on “How to copy a sharp picture from Excel without blurry effect

  1. Just stumbled on this, thanks for the guidance had missed the save as image function!
    Some adjustements I had to d oto get it sharp:
    Change font, calibri made it blurry (used roboto but guess arial will work)
    I also used “picture” instead of bitmap which worked better for me.

    Thanks again!!

  2. Why not just paste as an image in Word? Saves keystrokes.

    • Janis Sturis

      Of course, if the result comes out without blur. This is only in case if you’re not satisfied with the result.

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