How to calculate ISO week number and ISO year in Excel

ISO Week in Excel, ISO Year in Excel

Excel is one of the most popular tools to work with data with more than 400 different functions. Some of them are great to calculate ISO week number in Excel, but ISO year is not so easy.

ISO week number in Excel

You can calculate the ISO week number by using the function ISOWEEKNUM or WEEKNUM. In the WEEKNUM is necessary to use return type argument 21 to calculate week number by ISO standard.



Here you can read more about ISO week numbering.


ISO year in Excel

ISO year is necessary if you have multiple years and want to group data using ISO week number. Some of the dates at the end or beginning of the year might belong to another year.

If you already calculated the ISO week number, then it is easy to do mathematically like this.

calculate ISO year in Excel

Further learning

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