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How to sync MS Teams files with local OneDrive folder

sync MS Teams files with local OneDrive folder

If you’re interested to use your MS Teams files like you usually would in File Explorer, then here is how to sync with the local OneDrive folder.

When I’m working with Excel files, there is no way right now to open them from MS Teams with the desktop application by default. That is the reason why I like to sync my MS Teams files with my computer. Here is how to sync MS Teams files with OneDrive.

1. Open the Files section in MS Teams that you want to sync.

2. Click the Open in SharePoint button.

Open SahrePoint from MS Teams
3. As you see, there is a representation of directories, and I recommend to go to Documents. That will change the name of your local folder to simpler: “Channel name” – Documents.

SharePoint Documents directory
4. Locate the Sync button and click it.

Sync SharePoint with local OneDrive folder
5. Then you click on Open Microsoft OneDrive button, and a new folder will appear on the left side of File Explorer.

Approve SharePoint synchronization with OneDrive

If you need an explanation in more detail, then I recommend you to visit this post.

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