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How to restore deleted MS Teams channel

If you are here, then I suppose that it is not so intuitive to restore the deleted MS Teams channel.

First of all, you should be the owner of the team that contains this channel. If you are not, then go to the Manage team to see that information, and you should contact them to do the following.

MS Teams Manage team

After clicking on the Manage team, you should see a list of owners.

MS Teams channel owners

If your the owner or your contacting them – do the following to restore the deleted MS Teams channel.

1. Go to the Manage team and the channel section.

MS Teams channels

2. Unfold the list of deleted channels by clicking Deleted.

MS Teams see deleted channels

3. Use the Restore button on the right side of your desired channel.

MS Teams restore deleted channels

I hope it helps, and please check out other posts about MS Teams or Sharepoint.
Sometimes you can get a good spark of ideas even if you’re not interested in other topics.

If you deleted the whole team, then check this out.

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